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FLODIGARRY In the middle of nowhere, yet in the centre of everything, the Skye restaurant in Flodigarry hotel is the most northerly on the Isle of Skye. This hidden treasure is situated in the most spectacular location at the very tip of the Trotternish peninsula. Living and working here in this breathtaking landscape has changed us, not only as a Chefs, but as a person

Welcome to SKYE
Paul, Bette and Levy and their team look forward meeting you at SKYE Restaurant
indulging you with Scotlands best.

Every day routine a special experience

Every day routine a special experience

Paul Temming

Owner | Director

We all eat and drink every day, but what we really enjoy is making that every day routine a special experience and to share our love of fine foods and beautiful wines with you.
We have fallen in love with the Isle of Skye, and we are not alone: Skye was recently named as one of the top island holiday destinations in Europe. One factor that surely contributed towards the prestigious ranking is the fact, that Skye is as rich in seasonal produce as it is in scenery. Combining the best of land and sea, the region is an exceptional natural larder. "How could we not fall in love with all those fabulous regional products"

United by a common vision of showcasing the best of local produce, simply because it is so fabulously good. Our goal is to establish a standard of food, majoring on the fruits of the sea that some might consider unnecessary for such a rural part of Scotland, but that we think is the most normal thing in the world.


Passion for life and food alike

Passion for life and food alike

bette temming

South Africa
Executive Chef | Owner

My love for food goes so much further than just the taste and the smell. Often I secretly think that people that surround me, including my loved ones, think I am a little strange. I caress the fresh vegetables from the greenhouse, I stroke a fresh salmon in a loving way, I see art in the colour of a 35 day matured piece of beef. I can talk about food for hours, days, I even dream of food and .... I adore eating. There is no edible ingredient that grows on this beautiful planet that I would not want to cook and eat.

Our staff is our backbone, without them there would not be a Hotel or Restaurant. My ‘wild’ ideas for dishes would never become reality without  Levy. Our kitchen would not function without our chefs de parti and kitchen porters and nobody would get anything to eat without our waiters and waitresses. Our producers are our hero’s, the fisherman, the farmers, our butcher and our grocer and all those others. And my biggest hero is Paul, without him trying, testing, agreeing, disagreeing we would of course be good.... but now were the best :-)


Poetry in the Kitchen

Poetry in the Kitchen

Levente László

Senior Sous Chef

A recipe has no soul, I as a cook must have to bring soul to the recipe.

Skye is a beautiful and tranquil place. I have many things yet to do and see on this magical Island. I love to see guests happy when they leave the restaurant and knowing I have played a part in the experience they have had; I have given them a piece of my soul on their plate.

I want to help make the hotel and restaurant  famous, the greatest joy I think I could have would be to meet a stranger in any major Capitol city in Europe and find that they have eaten at my SKYE restaurant, and with a sense of pride say. “Hey, I cooked that for you”. That would be something!